Diagnostic Classification of Mental Health and Developmental Disorders of Infancy and Early Childhood (DC:0-3)

Translation: Kornilia Hatzinikolaou, Vasiliki Karveli, Eleanna Ritsou, Vasiliki Kondili

With the help of the DC:0-3R Revision Task Force, ZERO TO THREE is once again tackling an update and revision of the DC:0-3R—a 3-year process that began in March 2013. The DC:0-3R Revision Task Force will consider changes to DC:0-3R, making content-related decisions with input from the clinical and research literature, users worldwide, and feedback from recognized experts in particular areas. The revision will capture new findings relevant to diagnosis in young children and will address issues that have remained unresolved since the book was published in 2005. Revision Task Force members are: Charley Zeanah (Chair), Alice Carter, Julie Cohen, Helen Egger, Miri Keren, Mary Margaret Gleason, Alicia Lieberman, Kathleen Mulrooney, and Cindy Oser.

ISBN: 978-960-6893-26-1

Price: €12.00

Η γκαρσονιέρα

Hélène Grémillon

Translation:  Mina Pateraki- Garefi


This novel is based on a true story. The events took place in Argentina, Buenos Aires. We are in August 1987, it is winter. The seasons are not the same everywhere, humans though are. 

Pages: 343

ISBN: 978-960-6893-27-8

Price: 15.00€


Short Stories to Become OlderSophie Carquain
Translation: Natasa Papadopoulou

Read those stories with your child in the evening, and trying to deal with child's fears, concerns and questions.
pages: 310
ISBN: 978-960-6893-25-4
price: €12.00


Sophie Carquain
Translation: Natasa Papadopoulou

The role of adults is to ensure health and safety for children. But how to avoid these little repeating and soul- destroying sentences: "Go brush your teeth", "Not too much TV," "Wear your glasses," "Do not touch the tobacco"... How we can make them understand the necessity of those actions, as to go to the ophthalmologist or sometimes how to protect themselves against the abusive behavior of adults? Since imagination is the preferred way to communicate with children, those narrative stories inspiring them to take care of themselves in a greater sense than an educational way. Through their beloved characters (rabbits, fairies, witches, big bad wolf ...), children understand and learn ... After the success of the first volume of Petites histoires pour devenir grand 1, dedicated to the fears and anxieties of the child, Sophie Carquain offers a wonderful support, full of humor and poetry, to address all health and safety issues.
Pages: 317
ISBN: 978-960-6893-28-5

Price: 12.00€


Conjugal Happiness Tahar Ben Jelloun
Translation: Mina Pateraki- Garefi

What is marital happiness in a society where marriage is a statute? Often is nothing more than a sham, an illusion maintained by timidity or respect for social agreements. Through this novel we can see the arguments between two sides of the same story.

pages: 365
ISBN: 978-960-6893-24-7
price: €15.00

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