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Dimitris J. Calandranis



Growing up with deprivation and humiliation in Cairo, the Egypt born Petros Michaelides builds a strong character with rigorous discipline. The pure love of "the girl on the upper floor" empowers him. Upon his return to Greece, he evolves into an incompatible, modern and heretical ascetic of the cities. He resists the establishment, he makes a brilliant career and faces all the challenges of life dynamically, remaining faithful to his convictions.


Pages: 427

ISBN: 978-960-6893-45-2

Price: €15.00


Helen Choreanthi 

By a damn coincidence on a trip to London, Daphne is or thinks she is coming face to face with an old protagonist of her painful life. Her past revives and Daphne is “watching” every moment of her life like a movie scene.
Daphne is a modern working woman and single mother. Alkis, an accomplished business man, is the first and only love of her life, the man she loved and cheated on her. It’s Alex, a controversial guy who played a negative role in the history of the couple. It is Margaret who like “a bull in a china shop “turned upside down the calm and ordinary life of the couple. And finally Hara, a young and contradictory woman who plays men like dices. 

Format: 14 x 21
ISBN: 978-960-6893-17-9

Price: € 12.00

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