Gema Publications founded in 2001 by Maria Gkertsou.
The child psychology books established us and continue to keep us at the top of the Greek readership’s preferences. Our catalogue includes among others: translated literature, albums and biographies. We also publish children’s fiction, picture books.
• Fiction for Adults (Greek & Translated Literature)
• Biographies
• Albums
• Studies
• Psychology
• Cook Books
• Children’s Fiction (Picture Books)

The Hare With the Amber Eyes, Edmund de Waal, Costa Book Award- Biography (2010)
Cooking Invitation, Ioanna Tsolomiti, Nominated for the Gourmand World Cook Book Award (2014)

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Gema Publications was founded in 2001 by Maria Ghertsos.

Publications started in the same year with the albums “Aegean Pebbles” - Niki Michalopoulou and “Skyros Pony”, which came out with the collaboration of the Silva project. Our aim from the begginning was to bring out the Greek culture and the beauties of our country.
In 2003 the album “Olympia Istmia Pithia Nemea - The four Pan-Hellenic Games of Antiquity” was published. Three years later two more albums were added to our list “Shallow Depths Images of two seas - Mediterranean & Red Sea” - Dinos Panidis and “Banalita" - Eleni Dori.
In 2008 the album “Flotsam & Jetsam” was published by Dimitris Karaiskos & Yiannis Hadjiaslanis.

At the same time we had the strong will to introduce some remarkable people either for their art or for honouring our culture through their references. In 2004 we published the books, “Marios Voutsinas - 30 years of creation” and “64 recipies for Zucchini”- Despina Geroulanou. One year later the English art critic Charles Spencer felt the need to talk through his book “Charliko in Greece - Memoirs of an English Art critic in Greece” about his connection with Greece and its artists during the period 1958-1988. In 2006 the book "Through viewing eyes” - Veatriki Spiliadi was published, which is a reference to the cultural life of Greece from 1960 up to 1980. Three years later, the book “Diplomatic Stories” was published, containing sixteen exciting stories. Finally, in 2009 we published the unprecedented book "Bakst in Greece” by Charles Spencer, which is devoted to Leon Bakst.

In 2005 we had the honour to co-operate with the awarded writter Eleni Ladia by publishing the book “The Oracle and the underworld of Ancient Greece”. After two years Eleni Ladia signed her second book for Gema Publications "Peculiar Myths and a tale”.

The year 2006 was a very productive year for us, starting with the publication of the book "What’s wrong with this child?" - Angel Ponce and Miguel Gallardo. Our activity around a so sensitive subject lead us one year later to publish the book “Talking with young children abou their adoption” - Mary Watkins and Susan Fisher. Finally at the end of 2007 two more books focused on children and parents were published “Raising and Praising Girls” and “Raising and Praising Boys”- Elizabeth Hartley-Brewer.

For the last three years our publications are focused on translated literature. The biginning was made with the book “Kiss & Tango”- Marina Palmer (2006). In the same year the book “Everything so close”- Jordi Nadal was published, while one year later the books “Tres Lindas Cubanas”- Gonzalo Celorio, “Postriziny”- Bohumil Hrabal and “Troost”- Ronald Giphart came out. Finally in 2008 three novels were added “Twins”- Tessa de Loo, “In search of the missing eyelash”- Karen McLeod, “Hoy jupiter” and “El Guitarrista”- Luis Landero (2009).

The year 2009 signals our entrance into the competitive field of children books. By publishing those books we have the aim to “travel” and “calm” the lilliputian readers, while stimulating their creativeness. The first two are translated tales - “travel quides” written by Anatxu Zabalbeascoa “Valentina in New York” and “Valentina in Paris”. Last but not least the tale by Eleni Mousama “The blue daisy and other stories”.



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