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Camille Laurens was born in 1957 in Dijon, France. He studied Modern Literature and taught in France and Morocco, where he lived for twelve years. Today she lives in southern France, in a small village near Montpellier. She was honored with the Femina and Renaudot des lycéens awards. Her books have been translated into several languages.




Born in Quebec, Rogé studied graphic communication at Laval University before working as an art director at famous advertising agencies. He pauses in his career to try the adventure of international cooperation in the Dominican Republic. During his stay, he made large murals in the village of Salcedo and returned marked by this experience. Upon his return, he moved to Montreal and decided to devote himself entirely to illustration. His images are shown in various advertising campaigns, in magazines and in twenty children's books, two of which he has written. His album The Big Monster, who loved reading too much, won the prestigious Governor General's Award in 2006 for the illustrations.

Eva BensoEva Benso (1980), graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Turin and creative graphics, is operator specializing in cognitive enabling with individuals with Specific Learning Disorders.

Gilles Chouinars


Born in Abitibi, Gilles Chouinard spends most of his childhood drawing. In 1975, he left La Sarre for Quebec City and began studying graphic design. It is in this city that he began his graphic design career. A few years later, he took the path of creative advertising , that brings him to Montreal. As a lecturer at Laval University, he met Rogé. Together they create several books for children, most often for a foundation or for private companies. Tyranono, a prehistory of intimidation is the fifth achievement.

τχJane Beryl Hawking Jones, Ph.D. ( born 29 March 1944, known publicly as Jane Hawking) is an English author and educator. She is the ex-wife of Stephen Hawking and the author of the autobiography Travelling to Infinity: My Life with Stephen.

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