Camille Laurens


Translation: Niki Karakitsou- Dougé, Maria Kasabaloglou- Roblin 


Claire is a 50 years old college professor who is lost in the fascinating and dark world of Facebook. She builds a fake 24 years old profile on Facebook to reach out to her ex-boyfriend through his roommate. Yet it is this fantasy creature  that Christophe - nickname KissChris - will fall in love.

In a dizzy reflection between the real and the virtual, Camille Laurens narrates the dangerous relationships of a woman who does not want to give up her passion.


The film “Who you think i am” ,based on Camille Laurens’s book, released in July 2019 by director Safy Nebbou and Juliette Binoche as Claire.


Σελ: 196

ISBN: 978-960-6893-38-4 

Τιμή: €12.00





Gilles Chouinard et Rogé

Translation: Natasa Papadopoulou  


For children from 5 years old and over.


In every schoolyard of the world, there is a boy or a girl to whom all the other boys or girls make its life hard ... very hard.

Rogé and Gilles Chouinard, two great friends, find that this has lasted long enough. They imagined together a prehistory of intimidation, in which a small Tyrano, jostled by a big Tyran, proves that he deserves to be well treated ...

Like everyone!



Pages: 36

ISBN: 978-960-6893-37-7

Price: €10.00


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Neel Mukherjee


Translation: Michalis Laliotis 


Calcutta, 1967. Unnoticed by his family, Supratik has become dangerously involved in extremist political activism. Compelled by an idealistic desire to change his life and the world around him, all he leaves behind before disappearing is a note.


At home, his family slowly begins to unravel. Poisonous rivalries grow, the once- thriving family business implodes and destructive secrets are unearthed. And all around them the sands are shifting as society fractures, for this is a moment of turbulence, of inevitable and unstoppable change. 


Pages: 620

ISBN: 978-960-6893-35-3

Price: €17.00



Elizabeth Haynes 

Translation: Efi Fryda 


Human Remains is a deeply disturbing and powerful psychological thriller that will have you checking the locks on your doors and windows.


When Annabel, a police analyst, discovers her neighbour’ s decomposing body in the house next door, she’ s appalled to think that no one, including herself, noticed that anything was wrong.


Back at work, she feels compelled to investigate, despite her colleagues' lack of interest, and finds data showing that such cases are common – too common – in her home town. As she’ s drawn deeper into the mystery and becomes convinced she’ s on the trail of a killer, she also must face her own demons and her own mortality. Would anyone notice if she just disappeared?


Pages: 418

ISBN: 978-960-6893-36-0

Price: €15.00 



Eva Benso

Translation: Evangelos Katsifos


Dyslexia yet seen, too many times, as a serious social and cognitive disability. Thus was born the idea and the need of a manual created to explain how to recognize the signs, with which tools to intervene, in clinical and school environment, and what is the correct interpretation to give to an incident often overestimated or underestimated.

This book intends to defy labels and platitudes, offering a structured and clear analysis of the problem and explaining the operation of reading the subordinate processes: language, visual perception and attention (and their interaction). This is because there is no dyslexic person that is the same as another. The keyword of the method proposed is "training" a complete and specific "fitness" for cognition.

The part that is dedicated to playful-recreational exercises enables us to workout the child the fun and moving of the interest in reading with images, fairy tales or manual activities, which in turn are the steps for a preparatory course.


Pages: 194

ISBN: 978-960-6893-34-6

Price: 12.00 €

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