Sophie Carquain
Translation: Natasa Papadopoulou

The role of adults is to ensure health and safety for children. But how to avoid these little repeating and soul- destroying sentences: "Go brush your teeth", "Not too much TV," "Wear your glasses," "Do not touch the tobacco"... How we can make them understand the necessity of those actions, as to go to the ophthalmologist or sometimes how to protect themselves against the abusive behavior of adults? Since imagination is the preferred way to communicate with children, those narrative stories inspiring them to take care of themselves in a greater sense than an educational way. Through their beloved characters (rabbits, fairies, witches, big bad wolf ...), children understand and learn ... After the success of the first volume of Petites histoires pour devenir grand 1, dedicated to the fears and anxieties of the child, Sophie Carquain offers a wonderful support, full of humor and poetry, to address all health and safety issues.
Pages: 317
ISBN: 978-960-6893-28-5

Price: 12.00€


Short Stories to Become OlderSophie Carquain
Translation: Natasa Papadopoulou

Read those stories with your child in the evening, and trying to deal with child's fears, concerns and questions.
pages: 310
ISBN: 978-960-6893-25-4
price: €12.00

Επανάσταση στον νουRevolution in mind
George Makari
Translation: Eleni Asteriou
Groundbreaking, insightful, and compulsively readable, Revolution in Mind goes beyond myth and polemic, giving us the story of one of the most controversial and important intellectual endeavors of the twentieth century. In this masterful history, George Makari demonstrates how a new way of thinking about inner life coalesced and won followers who spread this body of thought throughout the West. Along the way, he introduces the reader to a fascinating array of characters, many of whom have been long ignored or forgotten.
Revolution in Mind is a brilliant, engaging, and radically new work—the first ever to account fully for the making of psychoanalysis.
Pages: 833
ISBN: 978-960-6893-23-0
Price: 32.00€

Conjugal Happiness Tahar Ben Jelloun
Translation: Mina Pateraki- Garefi

What is marital happiness in a society where marriage is a statute? Often is nothing more than a sham, an illusion maintained by timidity or respect for social agreements. Through this novel we can see the arguments between two sides of the same story.

pages: 365
ISBN: 978-960-6893-24-7
price: €15.00

Translation: Tilla Balli

Costa Book Award Winner for Biography
Galaxy National Book Award Winner (New Writer of the Year Award)

Edmund de Waal is a world-famous ceramicist. Having spent thirty years making beautiful pots—which are then sold, collected, and handed on—he has a particular sense of the secret lives of objects. When he inherited a collection of 264 tiny Japanese wood and ivory carvings, called netsuke, he wanted to know who had touched and held them, and how the collection had managed to survive.
And so begins this extraordinary moving memoir and detective story as de Waal discovers both the story of the netsuke and of his family, the Ephrussis, over five generations. A nineteenth-century banking dynasty in Paris and Vienna, the Ephrussis were as rich and respected as the Rothchilds. Yet by the end of the World War II, when the netsuke were hidden from the Nazis in Vienna, this collection of very small carvings was all that remained of their vast empire.
Pages: 422
ISBN: 978-960-6893-21-6
Price: 16.00€


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