eksofyllo-tycheropitaPersa Suka
Illustration: Stathis Petropoulos

The clock started ticking loudly meaning midnight. Bells, bells, bells ...
Then, in the twelfth ticking, a desperate cry heard from the basement Kitchen Gourmet: "Disaster! Disaster!"
The whole palace stood on the foot.
Who was crying? What had happened in the night?
The news quickly learned by word of mouth. Someone had stolen the Lucky-Pie of Witch-chefs and that will bring them great misfortune.
The queen Béchamel without losing time invites the well-known investigator Chocolate Ballades assume this difficult case. The fate of Witch-chefs, the best magicians of cooking is in his hands.
Will he manage to solve the mystery?

The disappearance of Lucky-Pie is an original children's novel with modern writing, police action intensity and constant twists; one book which holds the interest of readers, from the first page to the last.

For children 7-9 years old.
Pages: 123
ISBN: 978-960-6893-20-9
Price: 10.00€

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