Véronique Ovaldé


Τranslation: Rosali Sinopoulou


Gloria chose this day in June to leave. She takes her daughters from school and starts with them without warning for a long journey. The three of them leave behind the shores of the Mediterranean to the north, the Alsatian house in the forest of Kaiserheim in which Gloria, as a child, spent her vacation. Why this sudden lethargy? What threat does she wants to escape from? To find out, we must go back to the troubled waters of the past, meet Giovannangeli, who took her under his protection when her father died, lift the veil around the death of Samuel, the father of her children -where was Gloria that night? - and to finally understand what role lawyer Santini may have played in this whole story.

To what extent can we protect our children? In this novel, with undiminished intensity, Véronique Ovaldé directs the fascinating character of a mother whose concern for the world is transformed into relentless composure in order to face it.


Page: 357

ISBN: 978-960-6893-52-0

Price: 15.00 €

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