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How to connect to the universe of your children from 0 to 18 years old


Translation: Yioula Stathopoulou 


In an era where children have a digital footprint before they're even born, what impact are connected technologies having on our family lives? What do we really know about the habits of our children in relation to the use of screens and their visits to social networks? How do digital uses affect young children's development? The social, emotional and love relationships of teenagers? Their mental health?


This book offers parents ways of thinking, secrets and tricks to better understand and limit their children's and teenagers' digital use – as well as their own. In a simple, clear and understandable way, we explain what attitude to take, when to worry about a certain behavior and when to de-dramatize a situation or stop dealing... in short, everything one should do (or not do) to stand with young people in a world where screens are everywhere.


Pages: 282

ISBN: 978-960-6893-56-8

Proce: 14.00€

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