Anna Moï

Riz Noir is a book for the loss of innocence, a hymn- book for the Vietnamese women, dragon’s daughters according their tradition, daughters of water and fire, delicate and unbeatable.  

1968, Vietnam:  violence raises after Tet’s attack, Saigon gives up to fire and destruction.  Beyond what actual happens, Anna Moï through her book sees and feels Vietnam of her childhood; through the characters of her book and their memories, nostalgic pictures, smells, ceremonies, colors: black of lacquered silk and prison’s walls, white like rice and lime, yellow as the cloths of Buddhist and red as the paper which sent the bad spirits away or the color of blood.

Format: 12 x 18 
Pages: 210
ISBN: 978-960-6893-06-3

Price: € 12.00


Véronique Ovaldé

Translation: Natasa Papadopoulou


In a fantastic location in South America, three women of the same family seem to have the same destiny: to acquire a daughter but never reveal the father's name. They called Rosa, Violet and Vera Candida. Of the three of them, only Vera Candida dares to think that destiny is not invulnerable. A love story, where Veronique Ovalnte has gathered all issues -and the creatures- she loves.

Pages: 326

ISBN: 978-960-6893-18-6

Price: €15.00



Philippe Djian
Translation: Natasa Papadopoulou

Francis is a successful author. His wife and one of his two daughters died before his eyes. In his sixties, is located in the Basque Country, where aside his last of remorse remarried. But now his daughter Alice, who loves her more than anything else, suddenly disappears and destroys this delicate balance. Barricade him behind the spiritual castle building to prevent collapse, discovers a world where forgiveness is impossible.
Pages: 246
ISBN: 978-960-6893-19-3
Price: €12.00

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