Niki Michalopoulou

A bilingual album with 106 original photos of pebbles from the author's private collection. This beautiful edition makes us feel the joy of summer holidays in Greece, taste the saltiness of the sea and brings out the desire to walk barefoot on the beach!

Bilingual edition (Greek-English) 
Format: 25 x 27 
Pages: 140
ISBN: 960-86910-0-1

Price: € 35.00


Dimitris Karaiskos & Yiannis Hadjiaslanis

At any given moment there is an amazing number of objects dancing along the waves, in seas, oceans and bays all over the world. What happens when a human hand picks up one of these objects and examines it carefully, with interest and perhaps the hint of smile? 
All of a sudden, they’re plucked from their state of oblivion and nonexistence, only to exist again.

Format: 14 x 17
Pages: 100
ISBN: 978-960-89877-0-8

Price: € 10.00

Memoirs of an English art critic in Greece 
Charles Spencer

Charles Spencer, the internationally acclaimed art critic and writer has written a unique personal account about his fifty years of acquaintance with Greece and its Artists.
The book is rich in pen-pictures of Greek personalities and the many friends the author made in this country. Furthermore the reprints and quotations from the author's extensive writings on Greek artists provide an invaluable historical record of the period (1958-1998).

English version
Format: 22.5 x 26
Pages: 275
ISBN: 960-86910-6-0

Price: € 45.00


Eleni Dori

This book is a collection of 100 drawings and accompanying texts. These drawings are an expression of all the important or trivial things in life.

Format: 12.5 x 15.5
Pages: 216
ISBN: 960-89025-6-5

Price: € 18.00

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