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Gamos Eyxaristisi


Tahar Ben Jelloun

Translation: Eleni Michaloyianni 


In Islam, it is permissible for a man who travels to marry for a fixed duration, so as not to be tempted to engage in prostitution. They call it “the happy marriage”.


In such circumstances Amir, a wealthy Fès trader, temporarily marries Nabu, a Fulani from Dakar where he comes every year to procure goods. However, Amir discovers that he has fallen in love with Nabu and proposes to take her with him to Fès. Nabu accepts, becomes his second wife and shortly afterwards gives birth to twin boys. One white, the other black. From then on she will be confronted with the first white wife's dreadful jealousy and the racism of everyday life.


A few decades later, twins, adults, have taken very different paths. White is fully integrated. Black has a lot more trouble in his life and fails to offer his son, Salim, a better future. Now it's Salim's turn to become a victim of the colour of his skin. 


Pages: 264

ISBN: 978-960-6893-47-6

Price: €12.00




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