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Stephani Barron 


Translation: Anna Papastavrou 


Wealthy, privileged, and fiercely independent New Yorker Jennie Jerome took Victorian England by storm when she landed on its shores. As Lady Randolph Churchill, she gave birth to a man who defined the twentieth century: her son Winston. But Jennie—reared in the luxury of Gilded Age Newport and the Paris of the Second Empire—lived an outrageously modern life all her own, filled with controversy, passion, tragedy, and triumph.


Artistically gifted and politically shrewd, she shapes her husband’s rise in Parliament and her young son’s difficult passage through boyhood. But as the family’s influence soars, scandals explode and tragedy befalls the Churchills. Jennie is inescapably drawn to the brilliant and seductive Count Charles Kinsky. Their affair only intensifies as Randolph Churchill’s sanity frays, and Jennie—a woman whose every move on the public stage is judged—must walk a tightrope between duty and desire. Forced to decide where her heart truly belongs, Jennie risks everything—even her son—and disrupts lives, including her own, on both sides of the Atlantic.


Breathing new life into Jennie’s legacy and the glittering world over which she reigned, That Churchill Woman paints a portrait of the difficult—and sometimes impossible—balance among love, freedom, and obligation, while capturing the spirit of an unforgettable woman, one who altered the course of history.


Pages: 426

ISBN: 978-960-6893-49-0

Price: €18.00

Gamos Eyxaristisi


Tahar Ben Jelloun

Translation: Eleni Michaloyianni 


In Islam, it is permissible for a man who travels to marry for a fixed duration, so as not to be tempted to engage in prostitution. They call it “the happy marriage”.


In such circumstances Amir, a wealthy Fès trader, temporarily marries Nabu, a Fulani from Dakar where he comes every year to procure goods. However, Amir discovers that he has fallen in love with Nabu and proposes to take her with him to Fès. Nabu accepts, becomes his second wife and shortly afterwards gives birth to twin boys. One white, the other black. From then on she will be confronted with the first white wife's dreadful jealousy and the racism of everyday life.


A few decades later, twins, adults, have taken very different paths. White is fully integrated. Black has a lot more trouble in his life and fails to offer his son, Salim, a better future. Now it's Salim's turn to become a victim of the colour of his skin. 


Pages: 264

ISBN: 978-960-6893-47-6

Price: €12.00




Elizabeth Haynes 

Translation: Efi Fryda 


Human Remains is a deeply disturbing and powerful psychological thriller that will have you checking the locks on your doors and windows.


When Annabel, a police analyst, discovers her neighbour’ s decomposing body in the house next door, she’ s appalled to think that no one, including herself, noticed that anything was wrong.


Back at work, she feels compelled to investigate, despite her colleagues' lack of interest, and finds data showing that such cases are common – too common – in her home town. As she’ s drawn deeper into the mystery and becomes convinced she’ s on the trail of a killer, she also must face her own demons and her own mortality. Would anyone notice if she just disappeared?


Pages: 418

ISBN: 978-960-6893-36-0

Price: €15.00 





Camille Laurens


Translation: Niki Karakitsou- Dougé, Maria Kasabaloglou- Roblin 


Claire is a 50 years old college professor who is lost in the fascinating and dark world of Facebook. She builds a fake 24 years old profile on Facebook to reach out to her ex-boyfriend through his roommate. Yet it is this fantasy creature  that Christophe - nickname KissChris - will fall in love.

In a dizzy reflection between the real and the virtual, Camille Laurens narrates the dangerous relationships of a woman who does not want to give up her passion.


The film “Who you think i am” ,based on Camille Laurens’s book, released in July 2019 by director Safy Nebbou and Juliette Binoche as Claire.


Σελ: 196

ISBN: 978-960-6893-38-4 

Τιμή: €12.00



COVER crop


Neel Mukherjee


Translation: Michalis Laliotis 


Calcutta, 1967. Unnoticed by his family, Supratik has become dangerously involved in extremist political activism. Compelled by an idealistic desire to change his life and the world around him, all he leaves behind before disappearing is a note.


At home, his family slowly begins to unravel. Poisonous rivalries grow, the once- thriving family business implodes and destructive secrets are unearthed. And all around them the sands are shifting as society fractures, for this is a moment of turbulence, of inevitable and unstoppable change. 


Pages: 620

ISBN: 978-960-6893-35-3

Price: €17.00



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